5-Day Start Writing Challenge: Why a Playlist Could Help You Hit Your Word Count

Sep 16, 2020

5-Day Start Writing Challenge: Why a Playlist Could Help You Hit Your Word Count

I am a romance writer. One of my biggest priorities as I write a book is to capture the emotional journey my characters go through. One of the easiest ways for me to tap into those feelings is through music.

For every book I write, I create a Spotify playlist that captures all the big MOODS in the story. My husband thinks all my music is sad, but to me, it helps me embrace every emotion I translate into my characters actions and motivations.

I hear you asking now, “But what if I don’t write romance?”

Awesome. Embrace your genre. Maybe you’re writing cyberpunk and listening to vaporwave. Maybe it’s fantasy and you’re digging Gregorian chants. Whatever. It’s all cool.

Creating a playlist that captures the vibe of your story is still a fantastic exercise in diving into your book’s themes and the overall impact you want your story to have.

And even if you’re not writing romance–you’re still going to want to understand what’s motivating your characters and why they are where they are in your book and where they’re going to be when your story ends.

Try choosing a theme song for your main characters. Play. Have fun.

The whole point of this exercise is to deepen your connection to your story. Making the playlist, and then listening to it while you write can help signal your brain that it’s time to get into writing mode and work on this specific story. Not only is making the playlist fun, but that extra connection to your story fuels the motivation to get your story out of your head and ready for other people to read.

Other creative ways to have fun with your story without putting words on paper:

  • Create a Pinterest board with inspiration photos for settings, characters, etc.
  • Use Canva to make a working cover for your book

The key is to use these as a tool to help you connect with your characters and story idea and NOT to use them as an excuse to avoid writing. Your playlist and Pinterest board don’t have to be perfect before you begin writing. You can drop a song that doesn’t work for you any time. But don’t spend three hours looking for a replacement. Just delete and go back to writing. If a new song works, add it, then go back to writing.

Not sure where to start? Check out my playlists and novel inspiration boards

And when you’re done, come share them in the bright and shiny Facebook Group I made for us!

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