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Sep 24, 2020

A couple weeks ago, it happened again.

Someone else asked me how I was able to not only find time to write, but to write whole books consistently. And it kind of got me thinking, because, yes I have written 8 books. I just finished the first draft of my ninth, and am working on my tenth.

I wasn’t always writing multiple books a year. Hell, I wasn’t always writing period. But I yearned too. I longed to put words down, to create worlds and stories and write heroines with agency and heroes with heart. A part of me that I knew was there, but was hiding behind fear and doubt and a lifetime of being told in one way or another that my words weren’t good enough. And I know I’m not the only one.

And because I know it’s such a miserable place to be. I remember in 2013, an author I followed on Twitter was talking about writing her 10th book, and I thought she was a goddess of epic proportions, because I could barely spit out five hundred words, let alone do it enough times to end up with even just one novel.

But it is possible. And I truly think you can do it, and I want to be your writing coach. 

I have a whole new page of services that I offer, and I plan to expand and offer self-guided options over the next few months. But for now I am offering a free one-on-one Goal Setting Session to help you figure out how and when you’re going to write your novel. (This is also the perfect opportunity to think about your 2021 writing goals with someone who gets it, and create a plan–for free.)

Fill out the form below if you want to book a planning session*, and remember, you can always do the 5-Day Start Writing Challenge on your own any time. (But totally tag me in your posts so I can cheer you on.)

*Free offer expires October 31st, 2020




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