It keeps happening. It happened again just a couple of days ago.

Someone else asked me how I was able to not only find time to write, but to write whole books consistently. And it kind of got me thinking, because, yes I have written 8 books. I’m working on my 9th. I have plans for three more bouncing around in my head just waiting to be written.

I wasn’t always writing multiple books a year. Hell, I wasn’t always writing period. But I yearned too. I longed to put words down, to create worlds and stories and write heroines with agency and heroes with heart. A part of me that I knew was there, but was hiding behind fear and doubt and a lifetime of being told in one way or another that my words weren’t good enough. If you’re in a similar place, or just struggling to find time to write, and want to write every day, I invite you to join me for the Start Writing Challenge. You can start it whenever you want, but I recommend you give yourself ten days. 5 Days to prepare (following along with the blog posts below.) Then give yourself 5 Days to write.

You set all your own goals.

And at the end of five days, you have a better idea of how a regular writing practice fits into your life so you can keep writing and eventually finish that book.

We’ll be discussing:

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