About Marla Holt Author

Hi, I’m Marla!

Yo! I’m Marla Holt. I write smart, sexy romance. I like to park at the intersection of feminism and romance to create heroines with agency and heroes with heart. The result is a series of modern fairy tales where the heroine slays her own dragons and still gets her happily ever after. More recently, I’ve been dabbling in exvangelical romance, where my MCs are deconstructing out of evangelical Christianity and the trauma of purity culture.

I wasn’t always writing multiple books a year. Hell, I wasn’t always writing, period. But I yearned to. I longed to put words down, to create worlds and stories where the heroine felt like her voice was heard and the love interest actually listened — a part of me that I knew was there but was hiding behind fear and doubt and a lifetime of being told in one way or another that my words weren’t good enough. Working on my novels helped me overcome my insecurities and allowed me to find my voice. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

I’m also an Instagrammer and book lover. I share everything from chicken shenanigans to cocktails recipes to my latest favorite reads. Give me a follow at @marlaholtauthor.