Haunted Attraction


Who knew unexplained footsteps and a haunted house could lead to such an unlikely attraction?

Jess Lewis doesn’t have time to wait for the contractor. The more delays she runs into with this bed and breakfast, the less time she has for that, too. And why does the contractor have to look like he belongs in a hot construction worker calendar? Being late for her next appointment and being forced to come to terms with her bisexuality is too much to handle on only one cup of coffee.

Matthew Zimmerman is a contractor by day, mystery author by night. When his new client is identical to the femme fatale in his books — and just as surly — Matthew has trouble remembering that Jess recently ended a relationship with a woman. But then they keep hearing mysterious footsteps in the house, and he realizes there might be more going on under the surface, both with Jess and the house.

Jess and Matthew have to question what they’re seeing, hearing, and feeling on their quest to find out what’s haunting the house. Or are those ghost investigations just an excuse to give in to that tempting attraction?

Haunted Attraction is a slow-burn paranormal romance with a bisexual heroine, just the right amount of spooky, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Get cozy with this steamy haunted house romance from Marla Holt today.

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook