The OTher Lane


Lane Benjamin never believed in fairy tales. Once upon a time, she was going to be everything. Mother. Wife. Successful artist. But after a difficult divorce, she’s struggling just to keep a roof over her head.

Lane finds the courage to leap full-time into an art career at the same time the dashing and much-too-old-for-her Abe Fujikawa asks to be her Prince Charming.

The promise of dreams come true are just a fairy godmother away. Can Lane keep her past — and his — from crumbling this new castle to the ground before she’s even had a chance to build it?

The Other Lane is a medium-spicy romance set in the modern-day Midwest. There are TWO balls — er, charity galas — and the heroine saves herself and still gets her happily ever after.

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook