When Abe Met Lane


He wasn’t supposed to think about her.

He shouldn’t even remember her.

But ever since Abe Fujikawa visited Cristo’s Coffee, he can’t get the beautiful barista out of his head.

At forty-two, he’s too old to date someone in her twenties. She wouldn’t be interested in him anyway. Abe has too much baggage left over from his sham of a first marriage. Someone so free and young and unburdened wouldn’t want to take on a middle-aged man and his teenage daughter.

But none of that stops Abe from returning to Cristo’s, hoping that he’ll be the one man out of her many admirers that Lane admires back.

This novella was written as a prequel to The Other Lane but can be read as a standalone story. When read in conjunction with The Other Lane, it adds depth and understanding to Abe’s character.

Available in Paperback, Ebook, and Audiobook